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  • Course Reserve Policies and Procedures

    Course Reserve materials are kept as a separate collection in a closed stacks area at each campus. VPCC faculty members may place materials needed for course assignments on reserve. Materials in the Course Reserves Collection are limited to in-library use only and may be further controlled as to whom may use them. Physical access to the Reserves Collection is restricted to Library staff, materials will be retrieved for library patrons upon request.  These materials may include, but are not limited to, books, audio/visual materials, course syllabi, and course readings. The reserve period is one semester with the option to renew.  Reserve items may be checked out and used until the library is scheduled to close during regular operating hours.  All reserve materials must be checked in 15 minutes prior to the library closing.  

    1. Any member of the faculty may request that an item be placed on reserve.

    2. Library staff members make every effort to process Course Reserves materials as quickly as possible, but cannot guarantee immediate access. Submitting materials one week in advance of the date needed ensures availability to students.

    3. The Course Reserves collection is accessed through the Course Reserves module of the VPCC catalog by the name of the course instructor, the course number, title or author, and/or the course name.

    4. Course Reserves are an extension of classroom activity and therefore come under copyright guidelines for classroom copying. In general, instructors may place a copy of any of the following on reserve for a semester for instructional support:

    o A chapter from a book

    o An article from a newspaper or journal

    o A short story, essay, or poem

    o A chart, diagram, or other graphic work from a published work

    5. A full bibliographic citation must be provided for published chapters and articles before materials will be made available to students. This information is required to track publishers for copyright purposes. Each copy will be stamped or carry copyright identification and the following statement: NOTICE: This material may be protected by copyright law (Title 17 U.S. Code).

    6. It is the responsibility of individual course instructors to adhere to this policy.



    1. Materials are processed and placed on reserve in the order they are received.

    2. Many different types of materials can be accommodated: library books, personal books, personal periodicals, photocopies in manila folders or binders provided by the department, and DVDs, audio or videotapes. Materials will not be placed on reserve if they have been borrowed from outside libraries.

    3. For articles, place photocopies of articles in manila folders or binders.

    4. Bring materials to the circulation desk during library hours. One week in advance is preferred, but reserve requests must be submitted at least three business days prior to the time students will need to be able to access the material.

    5. Print and complete the Course Reserves form and bring it with your materials to the library, or complete a Course Reserves form at the circulation desk and leave it with your materials. Lists should include title, author, call numbers, course name, and course number.

    6. The reserves form must be kept in a notebook for the semester in each library.

    7. Up to a maximum of two reserve items may be checked out simultaneously by an individual patron at any given time.

    8. For materials not owned by the library, a barcode is assigned and placed on item along with spine label stickers and labels. Materials will be shelved by course number.

    9. Reserve items are checked out at the circulation desk following the same procedure as other library materials.

    10. Items to be placed on reserve must be accompanied by a Course Reserve Form  Please allow processing time of at least 3 business days.