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  • Library Instruction Policy

    Requests for Library Instruction Sessions

    Requests for instruction sessions should be submitted at least 7 days in advance to ensure availability and to allow adequate time for librarians and faculty to collaborate on session design and learning outcomes.

    Requests may be submitted through the Library Faculty Services page or by contacting the Library in person, via email or phone.  Please allow 2 business days for a response.

    Assignments and Library Instruction

    Library instruction sessions should be timed to coincide with an upcoming research assignment when at all possible.  Students are more likely to be attentive and retain information when they understand how the information relates to a graded assignment.

    Students should be introduced to the research assignment prior to the instruction session and ideally should have a topic in mind when attending the session.

    Details of the research assignment should be shared with librarians at the time of request to allow adequate time for librarians and faculty to collaborate on session design and learning outcomes. Librarians are available to consult with faculty members in designing research assignments.

    Length of Library Instruction Sessions  

    Library instruction sessions are limited to 50-75 minutes depending on the length of the class period and activities planned.   If the faculty member feels more time is necessary they are encouraged to bring the class back for one or more follow up sessions.

    Multiple Sessions

    Faculty members are encouraged to schedule multiple instruction sessions to ensure adequate coverage and reinforcement of concepts.

    Follow up sessions may include the demonstration of more advanced database searching techniques, a focus on citations and plagiarism, or an additional opportunity for students to conduct librarian-assisted research.

    Faculty Attendance

    The instructional faculty member, or a faculty substitute, is required to attend the entire session.

    The presence of the instructional faculty member in the instruction session plays a vital role, impressing upon students the importance of the skills they will be learning.

    Arrival Time

    Faculty members and students are expected to arrive promptly. Classes arriving more than 15 minutes late may be canceled. Instruction sessions will not begin until the faculty member arrives.