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  • Hampton: (757) 825-2877 | Historic Triangle: (757) 258-6500
  • Tutoring Policies & Best Practices

    We want to help you succeed at Virginia Peninsula Community College. Therefore, it is important that you keep your appointments and arrive on time. We understand emergencies and unexpected changes, but please be considerate of fellow students who may be able to use the tutoring slot if you cannot keep it. 

    • Tutoring is free and available to students who are currently enrolled in courses at Virginia Peninsula Community College.
    • Appointments with VPCC tutors are made online through Navigate. Appointments can be made up to 7 days in advance.
    • Students are not guaranteed an appointment time or particular tutor. All appointments are subject to tutor availability.
    • Students are limited to ONE appointment per day and THREE hours per week, per service (ie Tutoring for My Classes, Writing Center). 
    • If you are unable to make a session or know you will be late, log in to Navigate or call the tutor to cancel/reschedule. 
    • You must cancel/reschedule at least 4 hours before your scheduled session 
    • Students will be considered late if arriving/checking more than 15 minutes after the appointment time. We reserve the right to cancel the appointment and count the appointment as a no-show if a student has not arrived within this time period.
    • Students who have two last-minute cancellations, late arrivals, or no-shows within 30 days may be suspended from tutoring services.

    To gain the most from your tutoring sessions, please read and follow the guidelines below: 

    • Tutoring is not a substitute for class/lab attendance and individual work or for meeting with your instructor during office hours. 
    • Come to your tutoring sessions prepared. Have textbooks, class notes, assignments, paper, pencils, and old tests, when applicable. 
    • When possible, come to the tutoring session with a specific, identifiable problem.
    • Group Tutoring appointments may have up to 5 students. Time with the tutor will be shared, and you'll learn from others' questions as well as have opportunities to ask your own. 
    • Tutors will not do the work for students (i.e. write papers, do projects, or complete homework). The tutor’s responsibility is to assist students in gaining an understanding to complete their own work. Tutors may guide, ask questions, make suggestions, and paraphrase, and otherwise assist students with homework and writing assignments, but will not assist with take-home tests, extra credit assignments, and quizzes in keeping with the Virginia Peninsula Community College Student Handbook’s description of academic honesty.