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  • Are library resources considered open?

    While not technically open, library resources are licensed for use by currently enrolled students at no cost. This means that using library resources could augment OER in making courses free of text book costs. Usually, there is no problem directing your students to a library resource via a link or specific search instructions, but some resources do have limits on the number of people accessing them simultaneously. For help finding or linking library resources, or for questions about licensing of specific resources, please contact the OER Librarian.

    Books in the Library

    Linking to Library Resources

    Linking to library resources from your Canvas or other course site is a good option that usually does not violate copyright laws. Here are some tips for linking to library resources so that your students are directed to the right place, whether they're accessing the resource on or off campus.

    • For many databases, you can simply look for a "share this" or "permalink" or "persistent link" button. The beginning of those links should look like the proxy url below.
    • In some cases, you may have to copy and paste the proxy URL in front of the persistent link in order to make it functional both on and off campus.

    The proxy URL is:

    Example (Before)

    A direct link to an article in Project Muse before the proxy URL has been added:

    Example (After)

    A direct link to an article in Project Muse after the proxy URL has been added: 

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