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    Below are the directions for registering for the New York Times and The New York Times in Education which are two separate resources.  You must create two separate registrations although you can use the same username and password for both.  (For New York Times Historical, you will use the username and passwords that you created for the regular New York Times.)  If you have any issues, check out the troubleshooting tips at the bottom or email us at 

    Access to the New York Times

    Follow these steps:  

    Step 1: Click on this link: 

    Step 2: Click Create Account and complete registration fields. (You may want to consider un-checking the occasional updates link if you don't want to get NY Times emails.) 

    Step 4: Once you are registered, you can login to the regular New York Times website at:

    Important Note: You must re-register annually, so try to remember the date that you initially registered.  

    Access the New York Times in Education

    New York Times in Education is a supplementary resource for college instructors.  This is curated content, covering 16 disciplines, tailored to college level pedagogy.  It's good stuff. Access requires a separate login.

    In order to register:

    Step 1: Go to and fill out relevant content.  You must use your @vpcc or email when registering

    Step 2:  Once registered, faculty and students will go to to log in.  

    Troubleshooting Registration

    • After creating an account or updating your personal account, you will be advanced to a screen with a button to connect to Click the blue button “Go to” to start your pass.
    • Remember the expiration time and date for when you need to go and grab a pass again by repeating steps 1 – 4 by simply logging in. Or click on the calendar reminder feature.
    • After claiming your pass, provided by your institution, do not sign out so remembers your personal credentials on your personal device. If working from a public computer, please do sign out. Your NYT account may be signed in directly at from any computer using the same email and password used to create your account. There is no need to go through your library’s URL again until your pass needs to be renewed.
    • If you go into “My Account” page under the username, you will see under DIGITAL SUBSCRIPTION that you have “shared access.” Take advantage of NYT’s weekly email alerts in the gray bars in the My Account page.
    • If you select “cancel”, on the “My Account” page your account will be detached from your school’s main group pass account with unlimited access to, and will keep you on as a registered user with access to 10 articles from, which resets monthly.
    • If you have been disconnected by “cancelling” your account, but wish to reconnect your account you will need to start the process again by repeating steps 1 – 4.
    • If you’re having problems connecting your pre-existing account to your institution’s pass make sure that you’ve logged out of prior to authenticating your pass.
    • To quickly check if you are logged out of – go to, and click on your name if it appears on upper right. Note the current username or email and password from; if you have forgotten your password to, reset it at Then log out of
    • If you have forgotten your password go to

    Database Access

    All of the links: New York Times, New York Times in Education and New Times Historical are included in the library database list.  Again, it is essential that faculty and students first register in order to gain access.