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  • Pattern for Citing a Magazine/Journal/Newspaper

    1. Author's Name: Last Name, First Name
    2. "Title of the Article (in quotes)"
    3. Title of the Source (in italics)
    4. Publication Month (May 2016) or Publication Day (5 Sept. 2015) or Volume and Issue Number (Vol. 45 no. 3) depending upon the source.
    5. Page Range (55-59).
    6. If retrieved online: URL or name of the database.

    All citations should be evenly double spaced, and the second line should have a hanging indent.  

    Journal Citation Examples through a library database

    Online Journal Examples

    Magazine Citation Examples

    Magazine Citations

    Online Journal Citation Example

    Lyons, Chritina L. "Child Welfare: Should More be Done to Protect Children?" CQ Researcher, vol. 26, no. 29, 26 Aug. 2016, CQ Researcher Online,

    Online Newspaper Examples

    Quora Contributer. "Quora Question: Family Leave Policies Save Businesses Money." Newsweek, 27, Aug. 2016,


    More Examples