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  • Thesis Statements


    Use these handouts to help you outline various assignments.

    Essay Outline

    Outlining your essay may seem like a waste of time, but it can actually speed up the writing process.  Your research and supporting points go in the Body Paragraph boxes.  Be sure to include your sources (citations) when listing your supporting points in the body paragraph section.

    Outline from

    Grammar Resources

    Introductions and Conclusions

    Need help starting your paper, or ending it on a strong note? Here are some resources to help with that:

    Scientific Writing

    When approaching scientific writing, it may be tempting to approach it the same way you would an essay for your English class. However, scientific writing has its own set of rules to follow.

    Below are some resources that walk you through some of scientific writing's key factors:

    Cover Letters

    Cover letters are sometimes requested when applying for a job or internship. Generally, they are utilized to express interest in the position and detail why you would be a good fit. However, do not mistake cover letters for personal statements; they have their own set of expectations and tend to be more formal. 

    Below are resources that explain what cover letters are and give tips on how to write a strong one:


    Need help formatting your resume? Below are resources that can help you nail that dream job:

    Personal Statements

    Looking to continue your education at a four-year university? Personal statements are often a part of the application process. When creating your personal statement, you have the opportunity to advertise your qualifications to your prospective institution.

    Here are some tips for personal statements that will make your application stand out:

    Annotated Bibliographies

    Here are some guides to get you started on your annotated bibliography:

    Research Papers

    Some basic guidelines for research papers: 

    A big part of a research paper is evaluating and building on research from other scholars. Here are some resources that will help you incorporate secondary sources into your writing:

    Writing a research paper also requires conforming to an academic writing style:


    Business Writing

    Literature Reviews

    Literature reviews are a part of the research process; they typically analyze/survey relevant research about a specific topic/concern. Below are some resources that can help you with the process. 

    The Writing Process

    Critical Reading Strategies