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  • Hampton: (757) 825-2877 | Historic Triangle: (757) 258-6500
  • A&P Help: Web Resources

    Here you can find a collection of resources aimed at supplementing Bio 141/Bio 142 courses.

    Tutoring Contacts

    Vickie Herzog
    Math Instructional Assistant
    (757) 825-2933

    Liz Rizzatto
    Math Instructional Assistant
    (757) 504-4069

    Brianna Sage
    Writing Center Instructional Assistant
    (757) 825-2872

    Kady Fortier
    (757) 825-2871

    Helpful Links

    Worksheets/Labeling Practice

    Specific System Information

    Detailed pictures and descriptions


    Tips to Succeed


    1. Focus on the areas you have the most difficulty remembering
    2. Utilize your already purchased resources!!
    3. Start out broad and then narrow (stick to what your test is on)
    4. Review, practice, review again, then practice...again
    5. Practice quizzes/labeling  may build confidence
    6. Draw them out on your own (freehand)
    7. Ask questions. There is no shame in needing help!
    8. Take breaks