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  • #Election2021: Virginia Elections 2021

    Resources for Virginia 2021 elections

    Vote 2021!

    The deadline to register to vote is October 12th, 2021.  You can register online at Virginia Department of Elections website.  Once registered, you can vote early on your city's Registar's Office.  Or, you can vote on November 2nd, between 6 am and 7 pm.  If you are not sure where to go to vote, you can look up your polling place.

    Candidates for Governor

    Terry McAuliffe (Democrat)

    Glenn Youngkin (Republican)

    Princess Blanding (Liberation)

    Who's my Legislater

    If you don't know who your state delegate and senator are that's OK.  You can find them through Virginia Assembly's "Who's My Legislator" webpage or the great website 

    Candidates for Delegate in the Virginia State Assembly: Newport News, Hampton and Williamsburg

    Disctrict  Party City Candidate Email  Website
    91 Democrat Hampton Martha M. Mugler Martha Mugler - Candidate Website
    91 Republican Hampton A. C. Cordoza AC Cordoza - Candidate Website
    91 Libertarian Hampton Charles T. West IV Charles West - Candidate Website
    92 Democratic Hampton Jeion A. Ward Jeion Ward - Candidate Website
    92 Republican Hampton Benjamin J. Siff Benjamin Stiff - Candidate Website
    93 Democratic Newport News Michael P. "Mike" Mullin Mike Mullin - Candidate Website
    93 Republican Newport News Jordan M. Gray Jordan Gray - Candidate Website
    94 Democratic Newport News Shelly A. Simonds Shelly Simonds - Candidate Website
    94 Republican Newport News C. Russ Harper  Russ Harper - Candidate Website
    95 Democratic Newport News Marcia S. "Cia" Price Marcia Price - Candidate Website
    95 Republican Newport News David G. Wilson David Wilson - Candidate Website
    96 Democratic Williamsburg Mark C. Downey Mark Downey - Candidate Website
    96 Republican Norge Amanda E. Batten Amanda Batten - Candidate Website